Unicycle Pep Assembly Help

Hey Everyone!

Me and 5 other unicyclist are doing a pep assembly for Homecoming week and i was wondering if anyone had ideas?

Everyone can crank flip and back flip and hickflip… the basics…

So we want to do more extreme stuff… I can’t think of any smaller props we could bring on the floor with us…


-Kevin Kartchner

What about benches? Keep in mind that metal pedals and gym floors don’t mix.

Don’t try to learn new tricks unless you have at least a few weeks to practice. Work on making a fun performance out of skills you already have.

I wouldn’t do crankflips, whenever non riders see me crankflip they either can’t tell that anything happened or if I focus on kicking my feet out loads they think its a little no footer. I think all of you hopping on wheel seat in back in like a line would look sick though, and big 3 spins are nice too, like the ones were you jump high and spin slooooow.

Ride backwards.

Unispin 180 looks impressive to people. Especially that they see at the end that something changed.

Ride a giraffe. (not the animal )

actually i would be more impressed with a real giraffe. check craigslist