Unicycle Parts

I bought a Guni this year in February from a former unicyclist and he asked me if I was interested in his unicycle parts he had left over. I’ll probably grab them off him at a later date but thought I’d post a picture to see what people here know about said parts. He mentioned the 36" frame can only take 40mm bearings and it’s 110mm flange spacing.


FWIW, you could still run an ISIS hub in this, so long as you used Kris Holm 40mm ISIS Bearings.

Alternatively, if you stuck with cotterless, you could at least pair it with some dual hole 125/150 cotterless cranks to give you a couple of options.

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True dunno if I’ll do either since I already have 2x36" and I really don’t think I need a 3rd. It is a neat look frame though.

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Could look to build a 32” wheel into that. Might be quite unique. I’ve got a NightRider frame that is ear marked for that build at some point. More for the unique look than anything “practical” or using more modern designs. But that frame in the photo feels like it should be used.

Am I right in thinking that’s an old Hunter frame?

I’m not sure what frame it is, it resembles older style Nimbus frames I’ve seen other people have. 32" could be alright but I already have a 29" for short trips and muni the only size I’d really want would be a 27.5" Worst case I’ll probably pass them onto another local unicyclist that would have a better use for it then myself.

Flange spacing is not what is usually used to define frames and hubs. It would be interesting to know the bearing to bearing distance (measured from center to center) which is probably 125 mm.

Yep it is a Hunter frame!