Unicycle parts

Hey, I have a new parts that I never use anymore and would rather have the money. :slight_smile:

-Nimbus seat $30
-Seat post $10
-Nimbus Seat clamp $5
-Nimbus II frame $35
-White Twisted pc pedals $20
-DX pedals $15
-Creepy Crawler tyre $15

Everything is in used condition with normal wear and tear. Nothing is bent or broken.

Buyer pays postage.

If anyone has any questions or wants more/better pictures just ask.

might be keen for cc and/or pcs, depending on how much postage to nz is. any ideas?

It says for 1.25 to 1.5kg it says $26.20.

hmmmm probs not worth it then ay

What’s the size of the seat post?

25.4mm and 300m long.

If you weren’t in Australia I would buy that seatpost:(

Me to, I’m selling my old unicycle to a guy but it has no seat post.

I am also looking for some tensiles, echo SL pedals and maybe a cheap KH wheelset. If anyone wanted to trade/sell or both. :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention I am going to UniNats and can take the stuff down if anyone wanted to pick it up.

Bump, Im not selling the dx pedals anymore but everything else is still up for grabs.

Hey Trevor, I am probably going to Uninats and want some white pedals for my new uni. They look kinda dirty so my question is, Is there a way to clean them without getting em damaged? (sounds kinda stupid i know :slight_smile: )


Is there a way to clean the white pedals coz I’ll probably buy them at uninats if they aren’t sold before then :slight_smile:

I cleaned them before this photo, I will try and clean them more. I dont no any special ways of cleaning them so they I cant get all the dirt off, sorry.

Ill take them to uninats anyway you can have a look and if you want them you can have them for $15 if not then thats ok too. :slight_smile:

nah, its okay, u don’t need to clean them more :stuck_out_tongue: and i hope to see u at uninats :smiley: