Unicycle Parts Help

Right, to start, you’ll be thinking “Oh here we go…”, but I’m saying it anyway. I want to make my own trials unicycle. Yes, I know many people have said they are going to and I know that no-one actually gets it done, but we can all have our dreams right? :roll_eyes:
Anyway, what I wanted to know to start is what would be a Decent Rim, Hub and Frame design.

Rim - What would be a strong design for a rim? obviously it would be double-walled, and I was thinking wide… Like 48mm or something, and I like the look of how the spoke holes are positioned on the Qu-ax trials rim, with the zig zag pattern. The next thing I wanted to consider, is 36 or 32 holes? or both? I know that people have been saying how they want 32 holes so the could use bike trials rims, but is it worth it? And lastly for the rim, should I consider Drill-outs, like the KH Rim and the Koxx one Rims?

Hub - Obviously ISIS, But the main thing here is whether to do 32 or 36 hole hub? 32 holes - more options for bike trial rims, Or I could try both maybe?

Frame - I was thinking semi-roundcrown, semi-square. I know these have been attempted by Koxx one and I think some others have, but maybe someone could post an idea?

If anyone has suggestions, then just post them, and please don’t be negative about it, I just want to give it a go. Sure, it most likely be that nothing will happen, but like I said, I can dream can’t I?


EDIT: Oh and someone posted a link to the drawings and specs of the ISIS drive… anyone know a link to it please? Thanks again

Next time, please title such threads “Yes, it’s yet another ‘dream parts list’ for a Trials unicycle I’ll probably never build”. :slight_smile:

What’s so bad about buying a whole one and then doing upgrades? Isn’t it cheaper?

Sorry, I know, but last week I got sponsored, and the company are considering making there own brand of unicycles, and want to know what unicyclist like. That’s why I said that it probably wont happen

Now this is just a suggestion, but why don’t you do a thread about that then? You’d get a lot more people interested.

Okay, Is it possible to rename the thread, or should I just make a new one?

lets see, high quality aluminum or titanium frames with a crown to put on your foot without ripping your knees open if you hit it

wide rims, offset spokes, double (triple?) walled rims are nice

  • drilling rims makes them significantly lighter and weaker, so possibly engineered small hole drilling…

isis cranks/hub that won’t break (like KH’s)

bearings that are the same size as the rest of the unicycling industry so that you can mix and match parts.

good pedals…

a seat that isn’t a peice of crap … I.E. won’t break … better engineered concept similiar to the Velo seats, or something new…

Hmmm… Triple walled, I like the sound of that. Small drilled holes? How small are you thinking?
Would you mind explain offset spokes? sorry, I don’t know much about the rim.
How would you need the hub so it would not break?
bearings, 42mm?
What would you class as ‘good’ pedals, because I personally am fine with Twisted PC’s, yet my best friend can’t stand them.
I’m going to add though, the Unicycles are intended to be kinda Mid-range, so better than nimbus, yet not as expensive as lets say K1 or KH