unicycle+parking lot= 4 cop cars

I’m sure there is more to this story than you are telling us.

Thats stupid! Are they concerned you might fall off and graze your knee or something pathetic like that?? People dont realise unicycles are easy and safe to ride, and much more fun. If you weren’t harming anyone or were no threat at all why did they come at all, you should of caried on riding or rode just outside the parking lot, they cant exactly arrest you for anything can they.
In my opinion unicycles are safer than bikes, you can swerve around pedestrians easier or they move for you staring in amazment!! i dont see them doing that for cyclists, they cant get around people like unicycles can, so why dont they go chasing after bikes now instead?!

What category does unicycling fall under?

Violence and vehicle theft “he’s had one of his wheels stolen, im very concerned, call the police” :smiley:

Can happen to Geezers too. A couple years ago I was practicing on the top floor of the mall parking garage while I was waiting for my daughter to finish shopping when the security drove up and said no riding. They had seen me on their security camera system and told me it was a blanket rule that you couldn’t use their facilities for riding. I’m sure they had asked sk8ers to stop before but I bet I was their first unicycle.

By the way, it would be a good idea if you would preview, edit, and spell check your posts. I don’t quite know what to think of your parents now…

Four state trooper cars? There are many stores that crop up around the WalMart parking lots. I’ll hazard a guess…one such store is known for their terrific coffee. Dunkin Donuts coffee is highly rated. I’ll bet they were on a much deserved coffee break together and saw you out the window.

What stores, cafe’s, shops are around that WalMart?

i was just a plain walmart nothing else and sorry for the spelling and what not. also that is the whole story im not leaving anything out and i didnt break any laws.


Concerned about only having one wheel.

maybe they where generally worried about you? or maybe just your sanity.

you tell him…


Interesting. I wonder how many of those “tons” of complaints were recorded anywhere. I think these guys have to document what they’re doing throughout the day so it would be interesting to research what caused all those resources (4 cars, probably costing the state sevral hundred dollars for them to surround you at WalMart). I think it might make a great article for your local newspaper:
“Your Tax Dollars at Work: State Troopers Protect WalMart Shoppers from Teenagers on Unicycles”

Meanwhile, what exactly were you doing on your unicycle to attract this attention? Trials? riding back and forth? Riding in a big open area, or near other peoples’ cars?

i was just riding in a big open area. i ride trials but there was nothing to ride there so i was just playing around with one foot riding.(i didnt even fall)

I’ve only ever had rent-a-cops ask me to leave, and they were very polite.

Edit: Then again I don’t ride @ Walmart.