unicycle+parking lot= 4 cop cars

so im just crusing around the local walmart parking lot and 4 state trooper cars surround me, they kinda interviewed me and told me that people were concerned because i only had one wheel. what kind of crap is that, they wanted to talk to my mom but then they changed thier minds and told me to put it up and get in my moms car. so im putting my unicycle on the bike rack and they surrounded me and didnt leave till i got into the walmart(i was going to my mom screw sitting in the car i then told her and she thought i was lieing)

Hm… I can see how one wheel can seem like something to be concerned about… Wait… no I don’t.

i was so made my dad said i should have hopped my uni on the front of one of thier cars

Wow… STATE TROOPERS? they couldn’t just send normal cops or rent-a-cops? how many people called in “concerned” about someone riding around on one wheel? That’s messed up… what is so concerning about someone on one wheel? where you riding around out of control or something? I could probably understand if you were out of control and falling a lot but geeze.

Interweb. lawlz

i was just getting warmed up and i didnt fall at all ive been riding for 41/2 years so i was easily just riding

weird… that sucks…

i was stunned, i wondered what would have happened if i were on a bike. if he wouldnt have said anything to a biker then that could be discrimination i think.

I don’t think so, they probably wouldn’t have done anything if you were on a bike because you were on a bike and people wouldn’t be as concerned… I don’t think it required 4 state troopers though… they could have sent a normal cop…

ROTFL!! what can i say… NEW JERSEY! haha

i dont think any cops should have been sent, do they tell people to stop ridong motorcycles cause its dangerous, i mean what the heck its not like i got hurt or anything. even some walmart employees were watching and enjoied it they thought it was cool. so if walmart didnt care why shoulg anybody else.

OMFG. une dai. The kopz came nd gette me.

Dude, your 17 and the cops are concerned about your wheel and send you to your mommy?

In New Jersey?

You must have a lot of extra cops there. Here in Montana you could have a trials competition in Wal-Mart’s parking lot all day long and never see ONE cop. (Unless, of coures, a wal-mart employee called the cops. Do you think someone did that on you?)

Does anyone else get the urge to say “STFU n00b!” :wink: :roll_eyes:

no they walmart emploees thought it was cool and according to the state trooper “there have been a ton of complaints and people are concerned because you only have one wheel” i dont want two wheels you retards (the cops not you guys)

Hehe… You should have gave them a sob story about how you couldn’t afford to buy a bike with two wheels. :wink:

that would have been funny

Kinda on this subject, i got kicked out of an appartment complex for riding around…haha it was even my cousins appartment…i was staying with ehr for the weekend…and they made me leave…

I used to get kicked out of my condo complex for skateboarding in front of my house…

it’s pretty bad. i’ve been traveling there for work alot, and there’s way too many cops who have nothing better to do than harass kids or random people on the street. it even made the news there, the problem seems to be that in more well-to-do areas, police forces have hired way too many cops, and they do not have enough crime to justify it. cops just start picking on anyone doing anything unusual, or kids who aren’t even breaking the law. meanwhile city police forces are understaffed and overworked.
check out some of the wonderful stories on google!
way too many bored, unproffesional cops in jersey. (can’t find a link for the article i read, sry)