Unicycle parade team

We set a new record for our team for McKenna Elementary at 49 riders. This year was cool because we were able to use 3 giraffes and rotate riders every 3-4 minutes on them.

Wow, 49 riders is huge! Congrats. Now to figure out a uniform for the group. With a group that size, it can be tough, esp. in the winter where people may not have a choice of their coat colors. For warmer weather you can start simple, with a requirement for blue jeans and white shirts, or similar.

I remember the first time I rode in a parade with 50+ people in a single group. It was a July 4 parade in Modesto, CA in 1997 or so. I’d been in parades with unicyclists since 1980 but that was the biggest group outside of the multiple groups that would ride at unicycle conventions.

Nice group, George! That’s exciting.

I hope you can bring them all to the PPUT unicycle clinic in the spring. The date is May 8th, 2010 and there will be more details whence the time comes closer.

Right now I have a friend that is a graphic artist working on a t-shirt for us. The nice thing is that the PTA president’s daughter is on our team for the next year and a half. That helps.

I am already planning to be at the PPUT clinic and a little demonstration at CWU for a PE conference on May 1st.

omg… it’s hard to imagine getting that many kids interested in unicycling in one elementary school.


That would be awesome. I wish we had some big groups like that over here. There are probably less than 3 regular riders where live. So hard to get people interested…

Congrats, last time I did a parade I was riding on my own.:frowning:

The funny thing is that we have about 490 students in the whole school so 1/10th of them were in the parade.