Unicycle Panties!...

In case you didn’t catch this on rec.sport…

My friend Molly Hahn, a talented comic artist, just released a hot new item… you guessed it: women’s panties with a unicycle character on them! The character is a cute little penguin (aptly named Puni), who makes regular appearances in her comic strips. She says this character was actually inspired by your very own, Santa Barbara Unicycle Club.

It occurred to me that every unicycle gal out there would want a pair of them, and the rest of you might do well to start planning a Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, for your wife… or for Harper… or Corbin. So, the least I could do was spread the word. What do you think?

So if there’s someone you want to see in Puni panties, you can go to her website and score a real deal: http://www.mollycules.com/news/2009/1/20/unicycling-penguin-panties.html

Eyal Aharoni
Santa Barbara Unicycle Club


if only you were talking about the chick. :stuck_out_tongue:

hhmm…double meaning??? :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are dicks, lol.

The problem with girl’s underwear is that it dosn’t always cover up your stuff.
This pair dosn’t look like it would… cute penguin though. hard to tell it’s riding a unicycle though…

so you like us then? :wink:

and ya, there’s nothing worse than splitting your boys. :astonished: :o :astonished:

there’s nothing worse than splitting your boys :astonished: :o :astonished:

what makes you think mine are boys?


that might explain a few things.

imma just close this thread page and never enter this thread again… i dont like where its going having questional sexuality.

people are way to scared about sex…

Lol, I wonder if anybody will actually buy a pair.
I’d buy one if they weren’t that low.

you should convince em to make a man thong version


I think I’m gonna buy a pair.

I know my sexuality. Jackie knows his, same with Phil. I dont see anyone questioning theirs. Or is it you that is afraid of questioning your sexuality?

They are nice. I should buy a pair and give them to someone.

lol at this thread.