Unicycle Panties!...

Hey folks.

My friend Molly Hahn, a talented comic artist, just released a hot new item… you guessed it: women’s panties with a unicycle character on them! The character is a cute little penguin (aptly named Puni), who makes regular appearances in her comic strips. She says this character was actually inspired by your very own, Santa Barbara Unicycle Club.

It occurred to me that every unicycle gal out there would want a pair of them, and the rest of you might do well to start planning a Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, for your wife… or for Harper… or Corbin. So, the least I could do was spread the word. What do you think?

So if there’s someone you want to see in Puni panties, you can go to her website and score a real deal: http://www.mollycules.com/news/2009/1/20/unicycling-penguin-panties.html

Eyal Aharoni
Santa Barbara Unicycle Club


What makes you think that isn’t me modeling the panties in the photos? I have so much unicycle lingerie already, I don’t know what I’ll do with more. But I’m sure that after your suggestion my mailbox will be stuffed with these lovely gems sent to me from thoughtful unicyclists everywhere.

LOL! I should get Louise a pair for us to share.

OMG, I so want a pair of those!

Okay, I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll get a pair, haha.

They are only $10, and they are oh so beautiful…

That’s Hawt.

id wear them. i really would too.

Do they come in “Unisex” sizing? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems alot of men are now happy to wear ladies underwear!

I think I should place a mass order for my unicycle hockey club, we’re appropriately called ‘Southampton Penguins’, the pants would look great with the penguin that’s on the team shirts!

And since they’re white, she should also add a unicycle “skid mark”, haha!
(This one looks like it could be from the 36er TA tire!):stuck_out_tongue:


is there enough room if you know what i mean?

I’m sure you will make your own ‘‘skid marks’’ when you wear them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Show us your unicycle panties thread is awesome.

in some there is, in some there isn’t.



Seriously, It’s cool. Anything with a unicycle. Who’s got one yet?

Hey, the link doesn’t work anymore!

Hm, looks like it’s now on the main page: http://www.mollycules.com