Unicycle Palooza! - Joe Campbell/Aaron Bickel

I finally got around to finishing the editing on this.
Everything was filmed in one weekend of amazingness
It took a long time to edit and a couple of the clips are kinda shaky, but this is my first time making a full video in Sony Vegas,
so comments and criticism are very welcome!

Download off Vimeo for best quality


Absolutely Gorgeous! I pretty much thought it was awesome. Well done, Eh?

Great work with the post production on this one. Seriously this vid was like breath of fresh air… nice riding, nice music, nice job. Loved it.

Haha that song is in swedish (but with a scanian accent) I was like Wtf! :stuck_out_tongue: Nice vid though!

very nice vid :astonished:

wow, great flow. loved the feel of the whole vid, very nice

very nice video !!! :astonished:
but to many pedalgrabs… :roll_eyes: :wink:

Very nice!! :astonished:

man, whats with everyone and their hatin’ on pedal grabs. you can’t do everything to rubber. nice video:D

Wow, awesome video.

But way too many pedal grabs. But I really loved it. You guys have great sidehops.


Yea…haha I didn’t know what language the song was in, but it had a good beat so I kept it.

Thanks for all the comments!
They make me feel all fuzzy inside :smiley:

There were way to many pedal grabs IMO, and there were easy things they could have done to rubber :wink:

Nice video though.

Where in california are you? We should ride sometime if your close. Nice video too!

You cant do everything to pedal either

At least not yet. :wink:

I have nothing against the pedal grabs. Its a sweet style and it all depends on the rider on what is easier. Pedal grabbing rail to rail is harder for me than going with rubber. Turning a somewhat easy line back into a challenging creative line.

Besides, everyone is stuck with the idea “No pedal grabs, deduct points, its for beginners. Only rubber or its not trails.” So its nice to see something new.

I didn’t see the video yet, but after watching other ones I can say that I love the pedal grabs. They add style :sunglasses:

pedal grab to rail is joes specialty. lets see some of you go pedal to railride. if it was pedal grabs on flat objects it would be beginner stuff. but personaly i think its harder to go pedal then up on a round rail than it is to go strait to rubber.

yeh mad props for that but you dont have to do everything to pedal and we’re saying that the whole video is of pedal grabs.Talking about the video and not the person

I can do pedal grab to railride :wink:

he only did pedal grab to railride once in vid, us people complaining about pedal grabs aren’t complaining about that :wink: It’s all the other pedal grabs onto tables and things they could easily go to rubber.

ya i was just talking about joe. he pedal grabs any rail he can haha. you guys are in for a treet in his next vid… as long as u accept his pedal grabs. and if he can go up to rubber he usualy does. i think he only did one pedal grab that wasnt on a rail and that was an up gap he couldnt do to rubber.