Unicycle painting tips.

Hiya. I’m new to the list.

I just bought a new seat for my Miyata 20". The seat is black & white and
doesn’t match the baby-blue cycle very well.

Call me vain, but I’m going to paint the cycle.

Any tips on what type of paint to use? Masking tips for multi-colors? How to
avoid runs? Spray? Brush? Etc…


  • Darren

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Re: Unicycle painting tips.

On Mon, 18 Jul 1994, Darren Stone wrote:

> Call me vain, but I’m going to paint the cycle.
I can’t give tips on painting it, but I can make suggestions on
decorating it (just because I like talking about my uni :-)).

If you buy some of the hologrammatic tape that is made for decorating clubs
(50p a roll from Butterfingers) it looks great on a coloured unicycle. I just
have a strip up each side of the post on my red Ringmaster.

A water bottle’s handy too (and looks pretty cool), but don’t do it if you
drop a lot. The bottle will fall out and bend the holder every time. I’ve
got a rubber band round my holder so I don’t have to keep bending it back
into shape.

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Yeah, Stickers are cool, but really the best thing to do is get it professionally powercoated.


And if you really want to go pro scratch the powdercoat really badly. Grind it (the frame) a little on curbs or stairs. This is if you want to go pro like John “The Man” Childs who brakes Profiles.:smiley:
I don’t know if his frame is in bad shape, but probably it is.

My frame is in good shape. I take care of my unicycles. :slight_smile:
The paint has worn off where my legs rub the frame. That’s about it for wear. I don’t do a lot of urban trials and I don’t do pedal grabs so my frame really doesn’t get a lot of scrapes and dings.

Powdercoating is good but you also pay for it.

If you are going to paint it I suggest jusing some spray paint that is good for metal, most are. Make sure you apply in really thin coats at a time, you dont want to get a drip and want the paint to look even. Take your time Keep the can 18" away and just go at it with arround 4 thin coats of paint. In the end it’ll look solid.

Masking you can just use some tape as long as it will stay. I used some electrical tape on my firts paint job it worked fine for some chrome detailing.

After your all done with the new color you can clear coat it to protect your masterpeice. Put it on the same way as the paint many thin coats.

This paint wont be forever, it does chip and scratch, but it’ll look good for a while depending on what your using it for.