unicycle packs and carrying a uni

on one of Kris Holms videos Into The Thunder Dragon I think, the one with Nathan in anyway, when they are going up mountains they some how strap their unicycle to their bags how is this done?
any one have a clever way of carrying a unicycle when not riding?

Don’t worry its not hard i’m snowboarder so i bought a small board bag it was only 29 pounds really strong and weights nothing. you just wrap the strap for a board around the unicycle frame and and one round the seat post. But you can just use a small walking bag as these stay tight against your back and have loads of staps that you can just pull round and put them in “the wrong” clips or binders this should hold your uni on, then feel free to trek up mountains i’ve done it laods and it works no problem.

I wonder if this shovel holder would work for carrying a unicycle. If you look, you’ll see how i think it would work. It looks like it would probably only work for smaller wheel sizes though. possibly 20", probably not 24". For $3.50, I think I’ll go pick one up tomorrow afternoon and see if it works. If not, I can always return it.

There’s a snowboard attatchment too, i’d assume it straps on to a backpack the same way. I’m sure there’s a way to make it work for a unicycle.

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From the thread backpacks:

I just went and picked up one of those shovel holders that i mentioned 2 posts up. for 3 bucks, i’ll make it work. I’m not using it in the same way I had imagined… it’s not quite big enough. I figured out another way to use it to attatch the uni, and it works great!

Arc’Teryx Miura 30s are on sale right now at Mountain Gear:

This is a heck of a price on a heck of a pack. I have the larger M40, and I’m really pleased with it. The roll top is completely waterproof (well, rain proof anyway).

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I meant to mention that I had this pack strapped on the back of my bike during my pilgrimage to Unicycle.com. Seven days of rain and the contents of the pack were always dry, unlike everything else on the bike (including me).

Hey toddw9 is that shovel pack $3.00 for a whole backpack or just for the straps??? :thinking:

O ya, and for the snow board back pack, if i were to ride a bike would it work, or would it drag on something or be really uncomfortable?

just the straps. They’re designed to fit on Serratus backpacks, but they fit on a number of other packs as well.
Same deal for the snowboard attatchment; it’s just the straps. I’m not sure how that would work for strapping a uni, haven’t tried it. I’m sure something could be figured out pretty easily to keep anything from dragging if you are riding a bike.

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I went into a surf shop and bought a body-board bag (sales price!)
it fit marvelously my 20" trial uni + protection gear and helmet.
I’ve used it to carry my uni aboard planes …
it’s trendy but the luggage people are always wondering what’s that
so following advice from this forum I answer “circus apparel”.