Unicycle Ornaments

I have a decently-sized collection of Christmas ornaments that people have given me over the years. Most of them are, “Hey, I saw this <skiing/motorcycling/juggling/Jeep-driving/flying/insert another of my random hobbies here> Santa Claus ornament, and I thought of you.”

But I don’t have a unicycle ornament, so the other day I went to the store and completely randomly saw this guy:

Unicycling boy-girl

Which is kind of cool, even though I thought it was a girl, but it’s a boy, except it’s $25. Which, seems to be the going rate for Hallmark ornaments, but for that kind of $, I want something really good, not just lukewarm.

Which got me google-ing:

Odd Wizard of Oz Unicyclists

I hate Precious Moments

Maybe Adapt a UDC unicycle miniature Yikes! Not for $40!

. . .and left me unsatisfied. Anybody know of any good and not stupidly over-priced unicycle ornaments?

Hey, cool! I have the “full sized” version of that boy on the unicycle. He’s about 6" tall, and his base is shaped to fit in with other pieces from the same collection. In the “kids’ circus” version I have, he’s holding a stick with a long streamer on it. Switching that to a candy cane doesn’t exactly give him a Christmassy look…

I also have the Precious Moments one, and several others I’ve collected over the years. Here’s a set of pictures of some of my “unicycle bric-a-brac” collection.

HaHa cool collection john. Seems like you have just about everything to do with uni.

Haha. . .after I posted, I found the link to this album, through Google. You’ve definitely got some cool stuff. Any chance you’d like to unload some items?:smiley:

I tried to convince my wife to do the unicycle cake toppers, but ultimately “we” decided dolphins would be better.

John, that Tom Miller trophy is indeed a thing of beauty. What a sweet thing to own…