Unicycle order thread

Okay, so this thread is for you to list in order, the type, size, and time you spent with your unicycles. That means you would start with the unicycle you first started with and continuing up to your most recent one. I’ll start.

First I started with a SUN 26 inch unicycle which I say probably lasted me about half a year.
Then I bought my Torker LX 20 inch which I ride currently to becom a good trials rider.
Next I hope to have a KH 20 which I should be able to get before the end of July.
Happy memories!


Crappy learners 16’’- I dont have this any more
Nimbus Trials 19"- Still got but hardly use
Nimbus/KH 24" MUni - Nimbus ISIS Wheel set, KH seat, Frame, Seatpost, Odyssey JC Trailmix Pedals, my favourite uni by far.
I want a 29er MUni.

First I started with a Dodger 24" learner unicycle that lasted 3 months whilst I leant to ride.
Then I bought a Nimbus 36 that I have currently used for 6 months to become a longer-distance road rider.
I hope to develop my next 36er by bulding one up from a selection of parts.
Happy memories indeed !

I started with a Koxx-one Devil…
then a Coker Bigone…
then a Nimbus BC wheel…
then a used KH frame…
then a used KH wheel set…
then a used Torker DX 24"…
now I want a 29" for Muni…
I didn’t counted the learner ones because those are not in what I brought.

there is already a thread like this

24" Cyclepro-“Cyclops”- was my learner and commuter that I put 8 years and literally thousands of miles on, before I finally junked it in early '08.
20" 5 foot Torker giraffe-“Diplodocus”- that never really got as much play as I had hoped, sold in early '09 to buy. . .
KH36 w/T7-“Gran Bleu”. Ride all the time.
24" Yuni w/ Alex rim, Gazz 3.0, and KH components-“Frankenstein”- was assembled from parts for MUNI riding and learning new stuff.

I had a 24" Torker CX, which I unsuccessfully tried to ride for 5 or 6 years. I bought a Nimbus ISIS trials about a year ago and was able to learn over the summer, and then later got a KH29 and a BC wheel. Now I’m not planning on any new additions for a long time. I’m waiting until most of the bugs get worked out of the Schlumpf geared hubs, and then I’ll think about getting one for my 29er after college.

Back in 1971 or 72 I had a Schwinn. I was 12. All I can remember about it is that it was blue and the seat would bend when I dropped it (often). I learned how to ride forward only. Fast forward to 2009. I bought a Torker lx 20 and 4 days later got a Nimbus 24 Muni. After a month of riding I picked up a used Torker 26 lx. A neighbor gave me another Torker lx 20 (which I gave to my son-in-law). Mid June I got my KH29 which I enjoy the most.

a learner 20"
using now a Nimbus trials ISIS wich now has KH moments 09 seat post and street seat.
a custom 24" KH with a orange Nimbus frame and seat clamp. the rest is KH:D with a echo TR brake
I want a 36"

The first uni I bought to start riding again, was back in 12/05. It was a Sun 28". The axle/keyway became loose almost immediately and so I quickly upgraded to a Torker DX 24. I used this for almost a year before buying my first KH Muni.

Since then I’ve owned Two KH MUnis, three KH tirals, A Qu-ax trials, a Summit tirals, a 36er from UDC, a Coker big one, a BC wheel, and a few other unis. My main rides now are my KH MUni, 36er, and KH trials.

My first uni was a 16" Sears uni.
After that, I got a used Nimbus II.
Now I ride a Nimbus frame with a KH wheel set. :slight_smile:

My first was a 24" round-crown-with-lollypop-bearing-holder uni. After falling while going down curbs a lot more than I’d like…
…I got a 20" trials but didn’t upgrade the seat so it’s got no handle. But that got stolen so…
… I bought a 24" muni off someone who won it and didn’t need it. But it wasn’t really my style so…
…I bought a 20" trials and this time upgraded the seat. I still have this but…
… RTL came along and I bought a Qu-Ax 29" Cross which is awesome fun and which is incidentally at the back of the office now…
… and I have a BC wheel somewhere in my house.

I first got a Norco 20" “MUni” (crap uni)
then I got a Nimbus X Street with KH Moments and Saddle :smiley:

Not to burst your bubble, but that probably wasn’t a Schwinn. They weren’t blue, and the seats, though they would eat through their covers, did not bend. Could have been an Oxford, from Japan. I used to have pictures of it on the old Unicycling.org, but that seems to be gone.

I started out on a borrowed Troxel. It had a 16" hard plastic tire, tricycle cranks, tricycle pedals, tricycle bearings, etc. But the seat actually did adjust to a fair height. It fell apart under the stresses of being ridden.

Three years later I finished learning to ride on a Schwinn Giraffe. During that period my friend and I also had a borrowed Schwinn 20", which we eventually bought from its owner. I still have it, and used it for the Pairs Freestyle world championship at Unicon I.

The first unicycle I owned was a Schwinn Giraffe. Later I got a 24" Schwinn, a 24" Concord (Japanese) and then a 24" Miyata, which I rode into the ground. Then it was stolen with my car, the Unibug, in 1983. The Schwinn got drilled full of holes and re-chromed (frame and post), into a work of art that’s in a box somewhere. The Giraffe had many parts rechromed, has been treated with care, and has been in 99.9% of the shows I’ve ever done.

There were many others, but I"ll spare you. I still have most of them.

No bursting bubbles here. That’s the way I remembered it but I seem to remember many things wrong as I get older. I wish I still had that thing. My parents must have unloaded it when I stopped riding. I didn’t even notice.