unicycle on the Emmys tonite

Ellen brought a unicycle out on stage of the Emmys tonite…anyone see that?

no, she never rode it.

I didn’t see it but my wife did.

I had just tuned in to the Emmys and the first thing I saw was Ellen DeGeneres, with a sparkler in one hand, rolling out a unicycle on stage. (It was a 24-inch, I think).

She made an introduction, turned around, and walked off.

I would have been really impressed if she’d hopped on and ridden off stage, waving the sparkler the whole time. But she didn’t. Maybe next year.

we made it!

no one could ride one at the whole show, and they STILL wanted one onstage!

I was just about to post that same picture, I love the lazy job they did in taping over the brand name. Can anyone identify the unicycle, it seems to be pretty old and worn.

I think this thread might have something to do with it. But since they didn’t find anyone to teach Ellen how to ride she had to just walk it out.

Hey… reminds me to that one request that John Foss initialy received, but posted here in RSU. Ellen had this summer a talkshow, and for one episode that was recorded outside they were looking for an unicyclist.

what was the context?
did it make any sense?