unicycle on ebay


Does anyone have any comments on this particular unicycle? It’s relatively cheap, and I’m only a beginner.

Short answer: don’t buy it.

Longer answer: 18" is a rare, oddball size for bike wheels. Replacement tires will be extremely difficult to find. Also it’s too small for almost all forms of unicycling. 20" is good for learning, tricks and performing. 24" and up is good for going places. Strong 20" is good for Trials, Street and other abusive forms of riding.

That unicycle is only cheap. It’s not worth the money if it’s not a useful unicycle though. If you’re looking for one just for learning, and you’re not real tall, go ahead. Just be advised that you’ll need to buy another one later on for most forms of riding. Which is not a bad thing either! A spare unicycle is always good to have, especially if more people want to learn to ride.

… even if it did come w/ a 20" or 24" wheel, IMO.

Start w/ something w/ halfway decent quality, like a Torker LX