Unicycle on CBS Sunday News this morning

A CBS news reporter did a story this morning about her experiences learning to ride a unicycle. It was well done and very positive about unicycling. No clowns or circus music. It included a clip of Kris Holm doing some extreme mountain unicycling.

She has not mastered the wheel yet but she is having a good time.

Good to see they used the UNICON XV footage, even though it was brief :slight_smile:

Here is the link:

Woo, another 1.5 seconds of fame. The UNICON footage is the Berkeley Revolution against Cycle’hop, making a pass in transition. I think we scored on the play but this video cuts off too quickly.

Tom Holub! Way to get in there!

Oh, and you, too, Kris Holm, but I think you’ve had more than 15 minutes of fame, just with that one Squamish(?) cliff-side fragment.

I saw that, I thought it was awesome.

I saw it and it motivated me to find out more and give it a try. Thats what brought me here. Wish me luck.

Very nice clip without the circus jokes, this reporter had a totaly different attitude towards unicycling very positive:D:D:D

And Hi! Truckdriver welcome!

Also a shout-out to Lisa (Unicycle Lady). Great to see you still out there making the unicycle more popular! :slight_smile: