unicycle on big brother

charlie had to learn to ride unicycle but failed

ooh they wont be eating for a week now lol!

I dont get why people watch big brother. You sit in a house, watching other people sat in a house?

That T.V. shows stiil going on?

I never really have understood why people like “reality” shows.


me either…and thats 90% of whats on tv nowadays…theyve managed to make a “reality”(ACTUALLY NOT REALITY AT ALL WHATSOEVER) about everything

thats why i dont even watch tv anymore haahah…especially when theres youtube :slight_smile:

Big Brother just started in the States tonight, the people don’t look so great this year. :frowning: Hopefully it will improve.

UK Big Brother is 1000x better than US Big Brother.

And it is Reality because it’s not scripted. Yes it’s a contrived situation with people living in a TV studio, but for them in that period of time it is their reality.

I think it was a bit much to ask for a food task. Going from non-rider to having to ride over a plank across a pool in only 1 day with limited practice time.

1000 x rubbish still equals rubbish

I’ve got to be careful how I word this, just in case it gives the impression that I have ever watched BB, or give a damn about it… however, in the first series they set a challenge where they had to learn to ride a unicycle as well as walk a tightrope and juggle (Not all at the same time!), so they could put on a circus show at the end of the week.


The food task sounds like it will be fun to watch.

Yeah, Big Brother in the States definitely is edited and it seems the show sways participants to keep people in the house that they think are popular. This year they brought a complete muscle head back in the house who I thought was horrible the first time around. I don’t know why I am drawn to watch it, it used to be alright. I don’t like or watch any other reality shows or even much tv but I always seem to make time for BB.

The food task sounds like it will be fun to watch.

I remember that - can’t remember if they managed it though. I must admit I watched the first couple of series of BB and found it quite interesting. Then it just became full of arseholes who are purely entering because they think they’ll be instantly famous, rather than wanting to play the game.