Unicycle on an old New Yorker Cover

A friend of mine is thinning out his collection of New Yorker magazines
and sent me the May 23, 1983 issue. The cover is a Charles Addams
drawing of a bear riding a small giraffe unicycle down a city street. I
have another copy of that cover in a frame and had been meaning to scan
it earlier but never got around to it. You can see the cover at:


John Hooten

Re: Unicycle on an old New Yorker Cover

John, thanks for sharing that. Coincidentally, a colleague of mine who was cleaning out his house gave me a copy of that cover a few months ago. I spent a little time seeing if I could figure out its origin, but haven’t been able to so far. The period during which it was published was apparently a bull and not a bear market. And a news search for the period has turned up nothing about the bike lane (the bear is apparently traveling in one) controversies that periodically popped up in NYC.

Could be that it’s just fun, nothing more.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ