Unicycle on a tighrope while juggling 5 clubs

Filmed this a couple of months ago I was hoping to get 10 catches before I put it on the internet but I now realise I’m a long way off…

Any good skinny riders got any tips for minimising upper body movement when your doing a still stand?

That’s awesome :slight_smile: Well done … That rates as pretty damn difficult in my book.

Maybe try to put one leg off the pedal and use it to balance.

That is beyond incredible in my book. You have my respect!

I can only juggle 3 clubs and I can idle pretty good. However, I am only beginning to try and do both at the same time. It is hard enough to do without being on a tightrope.

An amazing feat! I’ve only just started five balls while idling and that’s hard enough. The best skinny riders seem to use their arms a lot so you may not get much help there. What’s that apparatus you’re using for the tightwire? Do you know if that’s standard circus practice equipment or custom built?

Heck, I’d have trouble just setting up the tightrope let alone unicycling on it & juggling at the same time.

Excellent work Sam.

:astonished: :astonished:

There’s a good chance I will never get to any of those :frowning: still stand, tight rope, 5 clubs.

I’m just starting to get my 4 balls solid and can’t even do 2 clubs in one hand :(:frowning: