Unicycle on a roof rack

Thanks for the quick replies, now that I know it is possible to put the
unicycle on the roof, the last hurdle is how to get a roof rack onto my new
smart car without voiding the warranty.

Check out my plan at http://scootertheclown.ca/images/ScooterMobile.jpg

Scott “Scooter” McKay

Sweeet. I think that your idea works double duty - an advert. and transporting your uni. Actually, I’m more interested in your Smart Car. I’d love to hear how you like the car (tommy@memphisunicycleclub.com).


No offense but I think that’s the dumbest thing ever. I HATE it when clowns represent/advertise unicycling is all. Cause then people will always associate unicyclings as a circus thing and not take it seriously…

Makes me wonder why knife-throwing does not have that “problem”.

And poeple who’d associate unicycling only with circus are the same kind that relate bicycle-racing only with dope. So I would’nt bother on that.