Unicycle Off road records!

Hey guys just wondering

How are the off road records for 12 hrs race, 24 hours race and long travel

i know that Rodrigo Racy here from Brazil did the Way of Compostela in Santiago

there was 868,2 Km in 33 days

this is a record?

and about the 12 and 24 hours ?

any info ?

How can you compare offroad race times, except with other riders on the same course? If you just say “off road” the best times will be for people riding Cokers on nice, flat dirt trails.

At times and distances like those, any completion should be thought of as a record, and the riders should be suitably proud!

so john foss…

what is the records for long travels??
i cant find any kind of information for this

Some of the guys who have ridden 24 hour or other long MTB races as soloists (not on a team) would be a great place to start. I think someone has gone at least 70 miles in 24 hours on dirt, but I don’t have any handy links. Ken Looi is a guy I would start with, as he’s done a few solo 24-hour rides, and holds the 24-hour record for road.

i dont see how you can have records for this, no MUni course is the same.

I’ve done 70 miles offroad (mostly singletrack) in 24 hours in a race in New Zealand in 2004. That may sound like a lot but Ken Looi did just over 100 miles in the same race.

A combination of google searching and searching this forum will unearth many more records like this.


In a 24 hour race, I did 76 miles in 2002, Ken Looi did 110 miles in a 24 hour race shortly after that. I dunno if anyone’s done much more than that off road, except may Ken at a later race.

On some offroad courses, 150 miles would be easy in 24 hours, whereas other ones, it’d be hard to do 60. I’ve done a few 40 milers on the 26" muni that has totally killed me, and a 30 mileish ride in Scotland in big hills that caned me big time as it had over 4000 feet of climbing and the same descending. Oh and big muni rides with other riders where we’ve raced round 20 miles flat out and I’ve been dead by the end.

As for the long distance ride, I dunno who’s ridden that distance, but that isn’t very fast, so I’d expect that if someone has ridden that distance offroad before, they’d have a shorter time, as it’s only like 15 miles a day.

I have a nagging desire to do the South Downs Way, which is an offroad 100 miler, with some big hills in it, and a couple of other riders expressed an interest too. We’d be looking at aiming for 24 hours, cos what’s the point otherwise, but it kind of relies on me getting myself super fit, which is a focus of the next 6 months or so. It’s also somewhat hard to ride in winter due to wet chalk, which is like ice to ride on, so needs some careful planning and luck with September weather.