Unicycle of Dimes 2010. April 18 Fredericksburg VA

This coming Sunday in Fredericksburg VA is the 4th anual Unicycle of Dimes event. we will be riding the 2.5 mile route on 20" uni’s and it should be an amazing time. anyone is welcome to come join us, just so long as you’re willing to have an awesome time. we will be hanging out after the ride and doing some juggling/unicycling at Germanna community college for as long as we all feel like hanging out. the ride begins at 2pm and unicyclists will start arriving around 1pm or so.

we will be meeting at:
10000 Germanna Point Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-9543

like i said, the ride is going to be great fun and a great chance to just hang out with other riders. there will be all styles of unicyclists around so whether you ride muni, street, freestyle or are just starting out you will most likely have some fun.

any questions please ask, or PM myself or joey neigh (joejumps4fun)


I just rode with Joey last week and I also recently joined DC uni but my problem is the ride! :frowning: wawawaawawawwawa how do I get there

where do you live? depending on where you’re from someone may be able to pick you up on the way.

I live right next to downtown Bethesda! but if my mom isn’t going to her meeting she might be able to take me but Idk how to get back :blush: lol

Pretty awesome event! Had a lot of fun with you and the other guys

Are you guys going to be raising any money for the cause?

The first “long” unicycle ride I did was a 75 km March of Dimes “Superride” event on Belle Isle in Detroit. I was also on a 20" wheel (geared-up Schwinn Giraffe). It was a very long day, but my friend and I (also on a geared-up Giraffe) raised several hundred dollars for the MOD. Have a great ride!