Unicycle Noises

Hey, I have a 2006 Qu-ax Cross 1500. And lately when im riding it makes a noise. So say im jjust riding and then I start hopping and as soon as i do a hop it makes a noise for the first 2 hops and then it stops. I dont know what it is?

Does it matter?


What kind of a noise?

If it creaks, it could be time to regrease your hubset or tighten/true your wheel.

Could you describe the noise?

Is it a creaking? Or an exploding? Or is it a newaaahhoooooeeeraaachaaboowowwaai???

It could be the spokes or a number of other things.

Give us a little more info. and we might be able to help more… helpfully.


well its like a little TICK noise. and I just got the uni in early december.
is it something i could fix or who could i live close to Bedford unicycles. would they? and all my spokes seem tight.

thanks if thats not enough info just tell me.

Could be your bearing houses that are to tight or to loose.


Pedals click sometimes.

Contact Darren Bedford and see if he can help…Hes a uni guru:)

I had a “loose coin hitting metal” noise with my cross. If it is the same noise, check between then cranks and the frame. there should be a little red spacer on each side of the frame. They are fairly loose, and make a bit of a rattling sound sometimes. I phoned my retailer, and he said they serve no purpose. I removed them at his recommedation. no more noise.


first off i would

check the bearing clamps that theyre tight enough, but not too tight and definatly not loose. - this happened to me the other day and my frame wobbled all over the place as i rode.

regrease the spline interface betwneet the cranks and hub, and tighten back up.

make sure its not the pedals.

then i dunno.

when i ride i get a ticking noise from what seems to be my uni, but its the end of my shoelace where the hard plastic bit is on it to stop it fraying, hitting against the crank and making a metallic ticking sound.

my uni is making noises when i ride…
but i cant understand when you guys talk about anti siezing WD

Spokes click if there loose.

Yeah its probably your spokes because when my spokes were loose they would click the first couple of hops or pedals. So I had my lbs guy tighten my spokes and he did it for free because he loves me since I bought so much stuff through him.

He loves you?

Just don’t let him touch you… that would be weird.

Every once in a while, my pedals click… nothing bad has ever happened to my uni from the noise.

yea i tighten by spokes 1ce a week or more, well my dad does lol.

It creaks if you dont.

Ya I dont usually hear it coming from the pedals…then odd time but then i just tighten them up. I will try tightening the spokes.


Today I just put some WD40 near the hub, cranks, pedals, and now it doesnt make any noise at all. So quiet…

Thanks Alot

I would go back and put some better lube on it.

WD-40 is good for displacing grease and stuff, but you really should use anti-seize or something along those lines.

but you really should use anti-seize QUOTE]

what is this ?

i cant translate it to portuguese!

picado, anti-sieze is a type of grease.

Incidently i wud deff get some anti-sieze, WD-40 is not a lubricant.