Unicycle Names

I thought it would be good to share what we name our unicycles. Hopefully i’m not the only one.

I named mine after famous queens of England.
My 29" muni Nimbus Drakis Elizabeth
My 20" trials Koxx Black Domina is Victoria
My 20" Torker LX trainer is Mary

So lets here what all ya’lls are

My trials is %^&8
and my muni is katy

I haven’t gave any names to my unis. I love them without the names. And they change so much it would get complicated (because I change parts, then I make another uni out of these parts). Also, I would want them to have girl names, but it would probably end up being someone I know which would be awkward… Anyway, there’s just unis to me, but unis are really really really really important for me :smiley:

EDIT: I think there was already a thread like this. I’ll try to find it.

Her name is Stephanie, and she is my Unicycle. She’s gorgeous.

Mine’s called Kris Holm, according to the tattoo on its leg. It is 24 years old; I assume it replaces that tattoo on its birthday, but I’ve only had him 4 months so I’m not sure.

I think Kris misses a few Birthdays and jumps straight to his 29th, after that, he celebrates his 36th. :slight_smile:

I have not got names for my wonderful uni’s, but I do talk to them :o

I named mine:

The 20
The 29
The 36er
And my 24 is painted like a bee, so it’s my bumblebee uni

Only 2 of my unis are named:
KH29 schlumpf is immoral
KH36 schlumpf is ungodly

My Oregon goes by the name of “Fats”. It’s my go-to MUni when I want to “Roll a fatty”! :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

Well, my 20" now is “das kleine”,
the 24" goes by the name “limousine”,
and the 26" Muni is called “der Traktor”.

If i ever get to buy a 36" it will be called “Kürbis”, because of this picture.




replace ‘‘if’’ with ‘‘when’’ :wink: :roll_eyes: :wink: :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Now that i have a 36" it is simply called “das Rad” (“the Wheel”). :slight_smile:



There was another thread about unicycle names but it was mistitled a bit. It was about reasons behind user handle names.


If that’s the one you’re thinking. I’ll repost my comment from there since it’s more appropriate for this thread.

I used to have 2 KH’s but they mated and now I have 5. They’re all called “the blue one” which somehow led my better half to believe there’s actually only one. The UNIs are never found together either, so one might believe this whole scheme is orchestrated by some kind of mastermind.