Unicycle Movie!!!****!*!!*!

Well I made a movie of todays ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7SBnhdnl70 tell me what you think… i tried to up load to the gallery but didnt work so i did YouTube… i will upload to the gallery when it works…Tell me what you think…

Nice stuff. The camera isnt that good, but the riding was :).
Keep it up.


that actually was a really good movie… i just posted nice for a test thing :stuck_out_tongue:

good work. youre a lot better since that one movie i saw a loooong time ago.

Nice vid. Sure makes an old guy like me realize that kind of riding is waaaay out of my league. Good job!:slight_smile:

hehe someones into street now :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks… i just rembered i forgot to add some 5’ unicycling tricks… oh well maybe next time.

nice riding!

nice i like it that wall flip was pretty cool

sweet video i really liked it …i ordered my seat post so i’ll be able to ride soon

good job.

i liked it.

awesome riding
and whats the name of that song it was cool

i am also taking alot of thoes clips and getting more clips then i am going to send it to sixsixone and see if they will sponser me… so in a ways this is kinda just a half movie… i will aslo be taking out some clips too, like the end ones… i will post it when it is done prolly at the end of the summer…

nice vid! the best I’ve seen from you

another sweet video. that was some really nice riding :sunglasses:

hahah That is a HUGE zuccinni radical reed!!! is it natural??

oh yes, it is 100% natraly organic goodness, right from from the garden :smiley:

sixsixone supposedly isn’t accepting anymore sponsorship applications … sorry

in september they are…