Unicycle moves from sweden

A little unicycle vid from sweden with me!

Youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz76DKEDIu4

and : http://enhjulingsfolket.se/uploaded/Moves.wmv

Nice man, I liked the crankstall-legwrap-backseatdrop, stylin. Lookin good.

Really amanzing, I like very much your vid!!! :wink:

nice, the donkey hicks took me forever to learn.

Yea that was awesome.

Awesome video!

i dont know the name to some of the tricks but the leg wrap looked really hard…

That was a great video!

Impressive riding, good filming and editing.

Well done!

I love your donkey kick to 180 uni spin, nice

good vid


Nice vid. especially loved the donkey hick. amazing.


Nice victor :wink:

Ya really good vid.