Unicycle Mojo

Before going to Moab I dressed up my unicycle with some Mojo. Mojo is a charm or icon that you attach to the unicycle. It’s supposed to bring good luck. It can be a sticker or any other piece of swag attached to the unicycle.

I put a Guinness logo from a can of Guinness on my unicycle. Mmmm…

After my unicycle slid over a cliff I’m debating whether the Guinness logo is good mojo or bad mojo. After consulting with some local mountain bikers I’ve decided to give this mojo some more time before deciding if it’s a bad mojo. If my unicycle tries to jump off another cliff or do something stupid like try to get itself run over by a car, then the Guinness mojo is going. The unicycle did survive the cliff drop without any damage so maybe it’s a good mojo after all.

Anyone else have some mojo on their unicycle? Post pictures.


This is good Mojo. With this Mojo you could have made that drop. Your unicycle was speaking to you. Listen to your unicycle. Be one with your unicycle. It will carry you gently to the bottoms of the canyons of your spiritual realm.

Re: Unicycle Mojo

At the risk of submitting an “Invalid” Response, I’ll say that I once added mojo to my 10-speed bike by impaling an empty can of Schlitz beer on my front reflector. The derailer promptly stopped functioning, throwing the chain off and into “hub lock”. The moral? When you tout a Schlitz, you’re out of gear…".

In addition to my unis, I also have a miniature “runt bike” that I use for clowning purposes. I’m going to apply some “riding mojo” in the guise of an empty “Matt’s Beer Ball” that I’ll wear over my head with some eye holes cut out. I’ll let you know how things turn out…


Maybe your unicycle was drunk. Its reaction time was impared and it hadn’t realized you’d fallen off yet. That’s why it kept going…
How about a coffee logo mojo? It might keep your unicycle more alert.


I ride with the same dark and creamy mojo as you but I keep mine neatly stored in my belly… :smiley:

It was good mojo x 2:

  1. Unicycle was undamaged after very long fall/slide/drop.

  2. Unicycle waited until you were at the back of the pack so nobody saw your embarrassing faux-pas. No pictures, no video, less ribbing, etc…

The mojo protected your unicycle well. It was still you who dropped it in a way that made it go down the canyon. Next project is maybe more mojo for you?

My muni is a sexy beast!

Tonight (the night before the 24hr) I took the cycle computer off my bike and put it on my muni. It looks great and is working fine. It’ll hopefully provide some interesting information tomorrow. While I was doing this, I also added 3 stickers. I’ve now got one Alex Rims sticker on each fork leg towards the top and a Nokian sticker on the rear bumper of my seat (with a spare sitting in a box here at home in case it gets scratched). My muni looks really, really good (of course I’m not biased or anything) and it’s now got so much character. Noone else has the same model or anything like that…it’s one of a kind!

Anyway, here are the pictures…


Sigh… still no easy access to a digital camera… Harper why don’t you live just down the block, eh?!

Anyways, I have a lot of Mojo on my Sem XL 24 inch commuter uni. (The big YUni MUni black powder coated frame with orange powder coated rim and hub has enough of its own inherent Mojo and the Monty trials uni has the classic clean look.)

My favorite Mojo on the Sem is the series of there “Spitfire” faces from the local skateboard shop. These smily/grimaces faces are lined up above my “Momentum” sticker (skateboard truck company but nicely in keeping with the name of the local alternative nonpolluting self proplelled vehicle magazine). I like the connection between the skateboard world and uni’ing and have found this Mojo has kept me on the wheel and riding some great places, so they seem to be working for me.