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Since a lill kid (im now nearly 15, to all those hoo failed maths, that makes me 14!), I like collecting models, well cars mainly, and now i think i have enough model cars (they take up quite a bit of room aswell being 1/18th scale).

For christmans last year (2001) i got a unicycle model. It was actually from holland (my mum and dad went there :thinking: hand brought it back. I then bought a giraffe (the uni, not the animal) model from a guy called Mike Dyson, who stocks bike models.

There both look really good. I was wondering if anyone know if you can get unicycles models from anywhere?
Ive seen the ones on unicycle.com, and there quite good.

Any info about models would be kool.
Thanks (in advance)


Every once in a while someone on ebay puts up these die-cast unicycle models in black or red. I don’t know if they’re any good, and I don’t think there’s any available right now anyway. So I suppose this wasn’t much help! :smiley:


I built my own:

yee haw,

is that made from a finger bike?

Woah, Im 14, and I collect model cars too!


They’re great. I had a pair of them on my wedding cake. One wore a bowtie, and the other had a veil. Got to scan one of those pictures sometime…

The hard part was getting them to stand up. They come with stands, but we needed something more substantial. I think they ended up being hot-glued to the stands, and then attached to a base to make them more stable.

Those little unis have working pedals, so if you were small and light enough you could actually ride them. Keep an eye on eBay to find some…

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My wife made me a model unicycle two years ago

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Hey. That model is kool. I think i can feel an inseratoin coming on! ill keep you’z posted on how, and if it come along! :wink:


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On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:21:44 -0600, joe
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>Hey. That model is kool. I think i can feel an inseratoin coming on! ill
>keep you’z posted on how, and if it come along! :wink:

I’ll relay the compliment. But what is an inseratoin? I ran that
through a spell checker and it suggested insertion but that doesn’t
seem right.

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Hey! There’s some of those models on e-bay again! A black and a red. Here’s the links:





yer, kool.

I’ve got the red one, from holland!

‘Im from holland, iznt zat Veird!’ - sorry, just couldnt help it!