unicycle missing from UDC

i’ve noticed that the 20" nimbus isis trials is gone. anyone know where it is? :thinking:

Probably out of stuck with everyone buying them up for Christmas.

Cool, I got one before they went out of stock:D

yeah, my blue nimbus will be here when i get home from school!

unicycle.uk.com still have them so all my fellow uk unicyclists
dont have to worry :smiley:

mynes in a box upstairs ready for christmass :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

anyone know when UDC should have them back in stock? my parents ordered one from a bike shop and I got it today and was dissapointed to find out it was a freestyle instead of the trials. looks like I’ll just have to wait

yeah, UDC said they’d have them back in stock in January. I put mine together and its a total beast.:smiley:

torker lx

I can’t find the LX on UDC. Is it gone or am I just looni…

Only answer the first choice in the affirmative please. :slight_smile:

The Unicycle Shop has the Torker LX if you want to look at them.