Unicycle memorabilia for sale

I never thought of this until I was moving out of what is now Carol Nesemann’s
house. She has a big box of (doubles and triples of) unicycle stuff that is for
sale, which I will detail below. She has an even larger collection of her
one-and-only stuff which she has not decided what to do with. Her collection,
though started only a few years ago, has several nice pieces that are not had by
the professional collectors like Al Hemminger, Tom Miller or Jan Layne. I’ll
keep you posted.

Clown Bells (she has 15) $5.00 each. This is a Christmas ornament consisting of
a glass bell with a little unicycle clown (hand painted) dangling inside.

Panda Bear (6) $5.00 each. This is a wind up toy panda bear riding a unicycle,
which she bought in China in 1993. It’s plastic, and stands about 6" high or so,
and goes around in kind of a square pattern.

Precious Moments Sun Catcher (10) $5.00 each. This is about 6" in diameter, flat
metal and plastic decoration to hang in a window. It has the Precious Moments
image of a little boy and girl riding tandem on a unicycle in color.

Precious Moments Tea Set (3) $25.00 each. This is a complete set of (4) small
cups, saucers, and perhaps other parts, some of which are imprinted with the boy
and girl on the unicycle design, same as above.

Precious Moments Ring Holder (1) $20.00 This is like a small plate with a
spike up the middle for your rings, guys. Also imprinted with the same
design as above.

Precious Moments Statue (4) $60.00 each. Yes, for you PM collectors, this is the
actual statue, discontinued, of the boy and girl on a unicycle, about 6" high.
Real PM collectors probably have a much higher price on the thing.

Clown Around (2) $6.00 each. I honestly don’t remember what this is, but
you can ask.

If you have questions about any of these items (except the last one) you can
email me. If you want to order something, you should give Carol a call at
(916) 624-4417 (CA). If you get her machine and are interested in spending a lot
of money, she will call you back! Otherwise, try her again later I guess.

If this is to you an annoying advertisement, please flame John Foss at

and I will ignore you.