Unicycle Meetup (Southern California)

Unicycle Meetup (Southern California)

Unicycle meetup 10/26/13 @ 8:00 am Keep the Date. Location to be determined monitor post for location. Last meet up had several beginner’s and intermediates & three very proficient riders, looking for more–many more at all levels.

I’m pasting info from Chuck Tourdot about our next Uni-meetup in Fullerton:

<<Happy New Year,
I suspect by this time everyone’s head has cleared. Hope you have kept the 23rd of January open for our next group ride. The ride will be the Fullerton Loop, this is a trail which is good for all abilities from beginner to expert, after which we will have refreshments and if your up to it some trials in the Park.

Location: Fullerton Court Parking lot, (lower level)

1275 North Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832-1258

Time: 9:00 am

Date: 1/23/16

Hope to have a large turn out this ride, so please plan on attending & tell everyone you know who rides or walks to join in. I will be sending out friendly reminders from now to the 23rd.
Hope to see you ALL there.


Double check it will be open

Just looked up the Fullerton Loop on alltrails.com and there are reviews from about a week ago saying the trail was closed off a couple miles from the start due to construction. Maybe someone could scout it a few days before and make alternate plans if needed.

From alltrails.com:
“The trail was okay, it was closed about a mile in, so my sister and I took another trail through Hiltscher Park and that trail was also okay.”

“we were only able to do a little over 3.5 miles because most of the trail was closed off for construction”

“some of this trail is closed since November for construction, so there is a fence up about 1 mile in, then a detour. it is a nice and beautiful trail.”

fullerton loop

Hi all, The loop is not closed. Just a section going down that steep hill to Bastinchury. This has no effect since you should have turned left at Marylou’s garden and continued through hiltsher park, across Euclid and continued with the rest of the loop. Happy riding

The closed-off section is not part of the loop, so we’re good to go!