Unicycle meets

I have added a page to the Unicycling home page to cover unicycling events and
meets. I include the table of contents below. If you would like to publicize
your event let me know and I will add it. I can hold the page here, or you can
make your own and I will reference it.

Thanks, Beirne

                            UNICYCLE MEETS

 * National Unicycle Convention(USA)
      + 1995: Bowling Green, OH
      + 1996: Chariton, IA
 * Unicon(IUF)
      + Results of Unicon VII in 1994
 * British Unicycle Convention
      + The Second British Unicycle Convention(1994)
 * British Unicycle Hockey
      + Check with the British Unicycle Hockey Association for results of
        unicycle hockey meets in Great Britain.


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