unicycle meet in blackpool on friday the 16

hi, where meeting at 10:30AM at Talbot Street train station in blackpool

where going to be riding trails and street

there are lots of rocks and stairs and stuff along the prom we can play on

anyone wanna come??

at the moment there arnt many riders and we want more

doesnt matter about the skill level of the riders, just gonna be a fun ride

if your intrested post here or PM me

cheers, hope to see some people there

Hey, im going so ill meet you there. Should be realy good. Anybody else coming down?

If this little “event” took place in Sacramento, I would be more than happy to join.
but since it is in a town I have never heard of, you probably wont see me.

mm looks like its just two people

come on there must be someone who want to come

si chorley in canada? I probaby can’t come, I’m in SAn Diego.

no chorley is in england

and so is blackpool

then I definantly can’t come:D

meets off

where going down chorley insted