Unicycle meet + Gopro + Quadcopter = Video!

We rode Simon Berrys hometown a few weeks ago. My little brother and Voodoo’s unofficial cinematographer took his Gopro and quadcopter along and made this edit.

No groundbreaking riding, but it was more to test out this method of shooting.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very cool, well done!


That’s a weird vibe. The music, the fish eye lens, the way the riders keep looking over their shoulders at the quadcopter, the way most of the shots are not centered on the riders – gives the whole thing a really strange feel. It’s cool though. I like the unusual high angle shots and the way the quadcopter can follow someone and get a whole string of tricks in one shot. Very interesting. Tell him to make more videos that way :slight_smile:

like aarons said, it´s very nice. the steadyness of the shots, the whole psychedelic feel to it, very impressive! If you master the flying you could maybe go round someone whilst the rider does tricks or so, that would be cool. Kinda like the matrix bullet time thing.

I liked the shooting angle. I think it would be really good looking in a video mixed with other normal angles. (intro and outro sort of thing.)

Need one with AI to follow a muni rider. :sunglasses: