Unicycle Matawan 2005 - A Photo Gallery

I’ve always been inspired by aspenmike’s breathtakingly gorgeous photographs of the natural beauty which he is blessed to unicycle amidst.

So inspired that I’ve created this photo gallery to share with you all the environment I am blessed to ride through.

Here, my first stop, is the dumpster behind the Dunkin’ Donuts I frequent. Yes, the white blotches come from our stunning seagulls.


Here I ride over the overpass above the marsh that leads out to Raritan Bay.

Very nice, I stand in awe…:frowning:

Edit: I actually like the last photo… The first one doesn’t do much for me however.

Here, just beyond the overpass is the Maaco auto body and paint shop. I’ve often admired the car out front. Very often, in fact, since it’s been there for as long as I’ve lived in the neighborhood.

You’ve interrupted. :frowning:

Here is the overpass I pass under to get onto Main St, Matawan. Note, you wont want to miss the St Joe’s Carnival. Best Zeppoles in Central Jersey. :slight_smile: Also, note, anyone wishing to join me on my ride who comes with a 12’ giraffe may have to duck down just a little here.


Here I pass over the Garden State Parkway, origin of the famous question, “Yeah, you live in Joisey? What exit?” Exit 117A is off to the right. We live off Exit 120, though.


Here is the world famous FAT KAT TATTOO parlour, recently moved, where I got my three tattoos.


And here, last but not least, is the marsh just down the road from my house. The white object in the distance is the dumpster for our local Quik-Check convenience store.


That is much more convenient for the seagulls. They don’t have to get to far from home to crap on the dumpster (unlike the poor fowls who have to go all the way to Dunkin Donuts)

I stand corrected! :angry: :frowning: :thinking: :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your stomping grounds…

That car out front looks like a ‘70 Cadillac Eldorado. 500 cubic inches of raw Detroit power. Gotta love the good ol’ days when nobody worried about gas mileage;)

You probably have to smell the marsh to really enjoy it.

You ain’t kidding. Really though in a very real way, it is a nice reminder that even in suburban New Jersey a bit of nature survives. Until they fill it in, that is, and put in that strip mall they’ve been wanting to for 2 years.

Your 29er is beautiful. I usually get bored of chrome from seeing it a lot on frames, but it looks really nice on yours.


I really liked this photo. What I would like to know is, how did you jump up that high? When the unicycle stopped suddenly, did it hurt when you went flying over the fence and landed in the marsh?

Aspenmike is seething as he covets those photos. A work of true tranquilty and sensitivity, Raphael. I expected nothing less from you. Do you have a donut before each tatoo to brace yourself or after each one to celebrate?


I was speaking in broad temporal strokes rather than indicating a specific moment in time. But I’m glad you liked the shot.

Thank you, Lee. It is a Dave Stockton creation and the only change I’ve made is replacing the Miyata saddle with the KH. Ever since the phrase “chromium plated” was uttered on The Uncle Meat Variations, I have not considered a unicycle to be a unicycle unless it were of chrome.

And a Happy belated birthday to you.