Unicycle marketing company


There’s a green marketing company out there called Unicycle Creative. First non- unicycling company I’ve seen that uses unicycling as a logo. www.unicyclecreative.com. Cool enough that I called them up and had lunch with the owner. Nice guy and he can ride too.


Cool, but “no coasting”? Hahah, they dont know us.

I like the anology overall though!!!

Wow, thanks for posting Kris! Love his website and drawings!


Thats awesome, “unicycle” really works well with what they’re talking about :smiley:

Put a good word in for me, I got my Marketing diploma last year… although nelson-van is a little bit of a commute…

Lorne’s homepage animation could use cranks and pedals on the little unicycle to accentuate the motion. It may not be obvious to the casual visitor that the “world” is rotating.

I love the beauty contest image from the Create page. Look at all the girls (the ones not wearing the “green” banner)!