Unicycle market?

I want to know how many unicycles are sold each year? Trials and muni mostly. Say how many KH are sold each year? Information like this makes a difference when thinking about trying to develop a new product for unicycling. :slight_smile:

I usually buy one or two every year, if that helps any. :smiley:

I think unicycle products in general would give a more detailed response as to what people want but can’t find in current stock unicycles. This would benefit development for either a new product or complete unicycle more than say the purchase of stock unicycles, because who knows what people do to them when they get home? What is the first thing they change?

Also, I would have suspected in most cases when a unicycle is bought and doesn’t live up to expectations, the owner can’t shift it and won’t buy a new one right away, so the data wouldn’t take that into account and just show ‘X number of such and such unicycles sold’. Although this is true for unicycle products as well, they are cheaper and people are more willing to buy immediate replacements, and this would be easier to gauge. Not sure if I’m making sense!

Plus when a person buys a KH for example, they are unlikely perhaps to buy another next year. As a small section of an already small sport with such a relatively small demand, the numbers of people not buying a uni because they already have one would make a much bigger difference to the number of sales. If it was bikes say, then people are always always going to want them, and there are SO many bike enthusiasts that the figures wouldn’t really show a major difference from year to year.

Of course the above could be nonsense, this is just how it seems to me.

Thanks Tom, that’s the info i needed…

I just want a figure of how many munit/trials are sold each year around the world. I know I will have to tweak the numbers to get usable info.

Perhaps for numbers, unicycle.com could help you? I dont see how it could hurt to try. shrug