unicycle marathon?

i had the idea a few weeks ago about organising a unicycle marathon…does anybody think it is a good idea or any tips or anything?

the idea would be to start off with something like the marathon and slowly build it up to being a ful unicycle olympics. for the first one id like to have some sort of unicycle convention to entice people to come over and take part and such.

im in ireland, so its most likely going to also be in ireland.

itd be a 26mile cycle over fairly uniform surface and incline. the idea is to have different classes for different wheel sizes, so the 20 inche wheels would race the 20 inch wheels and the 36inch wheels would race the 36inch wheels.

let me know what you think…

Hey gyrospectdave, let me just be the 1st to welcome you to Unicyclist.com. I think that would be a good idea. Pity you’re not in Australia so we can ride with my friends and all. You might even see a 51" monster unicycle. But i still think you should do the marathon idea. It sounds like a wonderful idea. Problem is, how many unicyclists are there in Ireland?? :frowning:

You could also have categories by ages. I ran in one recently! :slight_smile: And almost didn’t get to the finish line because there were four lines, the starting line, the 100 meter line, the 200 meter line and the 300 meter line. It was a one-mile marathon(it’s a start) and I wasn’t sure which was the finish line, so make sure your competitiors know where it is. Other than that… I don’t know. Make sure they have directions?

Also ask your council if you can have permission to close some streets to host the marathon. Or a respected member of authority. :smiley: or something like that.

If you are thinking Ireland, I think the two best options would either be to tag onto one of the two existing marathons(Belfast/Dublin), ask them if you can start an hour before, and use their closed roads. Belfast hold theirs on Mayday, which might attract people from overseas, and they are very keen to expand the event into a family funday event.

The other alternative is to use the NCN, Sustrans have an office in Belfast, and there are some great flat, long, car free routes in the Craigavon area, although Sustrans may suggest better sites, and you might even get them to organise it for you, if you let them use it as a publicity stunt!

As the previous poster suggested numbers could be the real issue

Are you aware of the existance of Unicon, the once-every-two-year unicycling world championships? it does have a marathon race, with classes for different wheel sizes (although no-one goes below 24"). Details are here.

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Actually that sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: did you start rolling that
thought forward?