Unicycle Marathon

Does anybody knows more about the unicycle marathons in the world?
Is there any other city marathon on a 42,195 km track where only one unicyclist alone has to ride the whole distance?
I know the Duesseldorf/Germany event and I have read some not very distinctive information from the Japan Marathon in Nagano.
Does somebody has more information on the one in Japan and somewhere else in the world?

Have you looked at the Marathons that happen at Unicon?

Visit here for more information:


Hey Corbin,

Didn’t you WIN that marathon? :roll_eyes:



Yep, he sure did :slight_smile:

It was actually longer than a standard marathon. The Unicon XV marathon was 43.8km. UNICON XIII was also longer at 43km.

The Marathon distance for the UNICON road race is used by the organisers as a guide only. The latest IUF rulebook allows the road races to be any distance, but suggests traditional distances as 10km and Marathon 42.195km.