unicycle manufacturers are 'shortist'

After having taken possesion of my new unicycle and having to butcher it quiet enthusiastically to be able to reach the pedals, I have come to the conclusion that unicycle manufacturers are ‘shortist’.
If I can’t ride a Muni without butchering it, how can I ever hope to be able to ride a coker?
Is this some kind of conspiracy to keep people with short legs off unicycles?

Well, I’m 6 feet tall, which, I suppose, is average height for the average male, but when I got my uni, I still had to shorten the seat post.

So maybe its not that they’re shortist, they are just… living in a world in which people are really, really tall.


its easier to shorten it if its too long than to lengthen it if its too short.

seatposts are easier to chop down

however, you can chop down a post on a coker so the seat’s all the way down to the clamp, but if you’re shorter than that, it’s not the unicycle-maker’s fault, it’s just that the unicycle is big by virtue of having a 36" wheel. It’s not your fault either, just blame your parents if they’re short :wink:

I am about 5 feet tall and when I got my Muni it was almost to my shoulder but i cut what seems like 11" off the post and it works fine. I didnt think I could ride a coker either but I tried Evan’s and i can do it fine. (evan traded with me so now i have his coker but he is trying to sell it anyway :angry: )

Re: unicycle manufacturers are ‘shortist’

No. But they are known to be “inseamists” and, the next time you want to reach the pedals, lay the unicycle on the floor, extend your arms, and grab them with your hands.

If only I was just talking seatposts.

Actually the problem most recenlty was probably the length of the cranks.
shorter cranks on a coker and maybe I’d be OK

Re: unicycle manufacturers are ‘shortist’

I know what you mean, Cathy. I had to shorten my Pashley 2x to get it right. This is one of the reasons I got into building custom unicycles. Each one is sized right to the customer and customer’s riding dreams. Sometimes this involves jumping through quite a few hoops.

So Cathy, are you shorter than the average child in the age range of most unicycle buyers? Something like 99% of the world’s unicycles are geared for riders aged 8-15 or so.

What’s your height and inseam?

The Coker generally comes with 150mm cranks because they make it much easier to control than shorter ones. Did the 150s make the cycle too tall for you?

No 150 cranks were ok.
Any longer than that were out though.

they must also be “tallist” i’m 6’4, not off the charts but fairly tall. i have to make sure there’s an “extra long” post in most unicycles before riding. i have to be careful not to go well past the “minimum insertion line” when raising the seat of a borrowed unicycle. good thing George Barnes is 6’6 and know how to build for us tall folks.

No doubt! People complain cuz they can’t ride my unicycles(ok, not many, but you know), well it’s just as hard for me to ride theirs when my legs are about fully bent!

I had to put my sun seat (200mm)on a 24 inch torker so I could reach the peadals it was a little coker.:smiley:

Unicycle.com UK makes a short person’s Coker frame. Short people aren’t being ignored.

I’m 6 ft tall which isn’t unusual for an adult. 20" freestyle unicycles are almost always too short for me. I have to pay extra for an extra long seatpost (thanks George!). Most 20" freestyle frames have a very short neck on the frame. That gives little room for adjustment and means that an adult will need a very long seatpost. It’s getting better. Semcycle now makes a long neck freestyle frame that fits adults a little bit better. Koxx-One now makes a freestyle frame with a really long neck (300mm, 400mm, or 500mm) so it will fit an adult nicely. So in my eyes the unicycle manufacturers have been in the past, and many still are, ‘tallists’.

George is also benefitting the shorter folks. He made several custom seatposts for me that made unis for some shorter customers possible. I ride my 29er with GB4 frame every day now; it’s a beaut!

I’ve had to cut down my KH24" and my 29’er Yuni, but I’m OK with the Coker as long as I’m not using an airseat or full thickness KH seat with long cranks. I’m 5’5"

my friend is about 5’5" and he can ride my Coker with a seat post set up for me, and I’m 5’11.5". it’s not very easy for him and his feet practically come off the pedals every time they go down, but that’s because it’s set for me, and I’m 6 inches taller. so, I bet you’ll be able to chop the seatpost enough on any unicycle to be able to ride it.

I’m 4’ 7" and I can ride a coker, although the seat post is cut.

I’d be more than happy to make an extra short coker frame…