Unicycle Maintenance

Can anyone tell me if there is already an existing thread on general upkeep and care of your uni? I think it’d be a good topic for newbies and the “unicycle repair challenged” like myself. Thanks.

maintenanace advice

I think this is the only one. I searched and yours was the only one that looked close enough.

I have a 20" nimbus trials. I bought new cranks and new pedals to fix this already existing problem but it’s back. When I ride normally, I get a loose creaking sound & feeling in the pedal/cranks. I keep tightening them but they keep getting loose. Maybe it’s the hub? It’s square cotterless, not ISIS? kind. I try to not do kickup mounts so much b/c it’s hard on the cranks, but I do some mild riding and I can’t figure out why I keep getting the creeky noise with each rotation. I’m probably going to be due for a new unicycle soon. :frowning:

Also, how do you remove pins from your pedals?

The pins are like screws and can be taken out with a screwdriver. easy done lol

It could be the spokes. Take it to a bike shop and see if they can pinpoint the problem.

Throw it in a trash can, buy a bicycle. No more creakiness, and now you have GEARS! :smiley:

I may have the same issue with my cheap 24 torker. Is it your left pedal that feels/sounds loose? If so, then I read somewhere that the left pedals should be reversed thread. Naturally mine isn’t reversed thread and get loose. That may be the same issue that your experiencing. I will be upgrading to a better unicyle soon. That’s the best solution I can think of.

Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is my left pedal / crank that feels & sounds loose all the time, even though I tighten it, it gets loose again. I thought all cycle products were threaded for optimum performance / minimum maintenance…

The pins have no place for a screwdriver to go in. I’ve tried using pliers to twist them out, but they don’t budge.

Why would I throw my unicycle away to buy a bicycle when I already have a bicycle that I prefer to not ride because I like to unicycle better? Is this not unicyclist.com?? :thinking: :angry:

Again, you are over reacting. He was obviously joking (see the :smiley: )

Clicking from a unicycle is fine. If it really bothers you, check: bearings, pedal bearings, loose spokes, cranks/hub. Replace/tighten/loctite listed parts, and stop whining and getting angry.

Love you,

+1 but a little less harsh lol

I’ve never seen a left pedal or crank, of any price or origin, that isn’t reverse threaded. Chances are your wheel is in the frame backwards, so your left crank is actually your right crank.

Well then… maybe they can be removed by an allen key, or not at all.

Does it actually get loose or does it just feel loose?

I had a problem before with certain pedals (odyssey twisted plastic) that always felt weird on my unicycles. It was the left pedal, and it felt like a popping if that makes sense at all to you.

Solution: I stopped using the twisted plastic pedals.

As soon as I switched to some snafus I never had any problems again.

Try out some nice metal pedals from a different unicycle you have(that are a different brand from the ones you have on now) and see if you still get that loose feeling.

Thanks Danni. But that was my first time over reacting like that.:o

It’s not a screwdriver that you need, it’s a little tiny allen key/hex wrench that fits into the pins.

Only if they are removable, as I already pointed out.

Sorry i thought it would be similar to the ones on my pedals, which use a screwdriver. Obviously if the hole isn’t screwdriver shaped dont use a screwdriver (it wont work!) use something that does fit, like an allen key or something.

The pins on my pedals have no holes for screwdrivers or hex/alen wrenches. I suppose I’ll just have to get new pedals.

What type of pedal?

Not all pedals have replacable pins. Some of the less expensive pedals are molded with the pins and as they wear down you just need to replace the whole unit.