Unicycle Maintenance

My boys have a couple of Koxx Unis and I want to make sure they learn to maintain them well. Any links or videos on this is appreciated.


Onions, thanks for that. It gave me the confidence to try some maintenance on my own and I have now had the experience of knocking the valve off my tire while trying to remove the cranks. Yeah, my hand slipped. Lesson learned and off to my LBS to have a new inner tube put in. :smiley:

A friend of mine managed that. Personally, I have never taken the cranks off, and I don’t want to in case I don’t put them back on tight enough and damage the hub. Shouldn’t be a problem if you put them on really tight, but I haven’t needed to remove the cranks yet anyway…
If you’re doing the maintenance your self, it would be worth putting the inner tube in yourself. At least you’ll be able to do it again if it goes when you’re riding.


no thread on how to put an inner tube in?:smiley:

The smiley means you’re joking, right?

I’m guessing those people getting stressed about maintaining a uni aren’t coming from a biking background? From my perspective a uni is pretty much maintenance free (most of that UDC list doesn’t really count as maintenance in that context).

Crank fitting and removal is trivial given the correct tools.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I wish I were joking.

I’m not coming from a bike maintaining background. I’m coming from a largely incompetent with tools background. Hence managing to knock off the inner tube valve while trying to pull a crank.

Believe me, I would much rather change my own tires. However, I am fortunate to be in a position to pay someone to do it ensuring that I have a unicycle to ride.

Watch how they do it, then try it yourself sometime soon; then you’ll be practiced at it for if it needs changing again!

I recommend you take a basic bike maintenance class. A lot of bike clubs, adult ed centers, and shops put them on for cheap or even free in one evening. Yeah, they’ll cover some things you don’t need to know, but changing a tire is usually one of the first things they address.

Short of a class, there’s good reading on the Sheldon Brown website. And here’s a video (I didn’t actually wtch the whole thing, but looks OK).

I dunno. If you get a flat a long way out on a ride, learning how to change a tube can save a lot of walking. But maybe that’s only an issue if you ride off road. I’ve never had a flat from riding on the street.

It shows how little maintenance a uni needs that you’re willing to drive the thing to your LBS for any problem. It’s kind of fun going to the bike shop anyway.

Eventually I’m going to buy a wider rim for my 29". I’ll take the opportunity to learn how to build my own wheels. It’s not a necessary skill, but I think I’ll enjoy doing it. I’ve seen several people say that getting your wheel exactly right is very satisfying.

Thanks guys, and special thanks to uniShark and Onions…
your comments helped me a lot

I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but come on guys. A unicycle only has one moving part!
You don’t even need any tools to take a tyre off. Unless you’re changing it for a new one, then you’ll have to undo the bearing clamps but that’s only 4 allen bolts.

Did none of you have a bike when you were a kid? I had to fix punctures almost daily until I learnt to watch what I was riding through :slight_smile:

I made this puncture repair tutorial, if anyone would like to learn.

Nice little tutorial there.

Though I always mark the hole with crayon/pencil so you dont lose it if you have to move.

Then again, I never knew the chalk was to stop it sticking! Learn something new every day.

I’m not that good with tools either, but I’m also surprised that people are struggling with changing a tyre or mending a puncture.

Mending punctures and changing tyres etc - It was just a normal part of growing up with a bike for me.

You should just give it a go.

Trust me, if I can do it you can too!

Given that it can be a pain to take off without disrupting the patch, is there any reason to not just leave the backing on the patch?

I thought of this before.

Only thing I could come up with was on the basis of elasticity. When the tyre is inflated (or for that matter bounced on etc) the patch will expand with the tube whilst the backing may not. I wonder if this could pull at the edges of the patch (mostly with the plastic backing as opposed to paper) and maybe cause it to peel back?

Thats the reason for taking the backing off. I’ve found that sometimes the backing will stop the patch from stretching with the tube and tear the patch off.

Yay for me, I got something right for once!

Are you trying to take the backing off by lifting from one of the edges? The trick is to rip the backing in the middle - pinch either side of the patch and pull apart, the patch will stretch, the backing will rip (easier than making a hole in the middle as shown in that video). Then lift the backing off from the middle so that you’re not lifting an edge of the patch.

Alternatively just get patches without backing - all the ones I’ve got recently have been like that.

Question for those people fixing punctures out on the trail - do you patch the tube or put a new one in? I’d always just put in a new tube on a bike, but then the wheel is rather more hassle to remove and refit in a uni - we come back to the QR uni wheel clamp ideas.

I’ve never taken the backing off of a patch. Never had any issues.

On a bicycle I always replace the tube. Fix the punctured one later. The only flats I’ve had on unicycle happened after returning home (knock wood), so no need. I have more issues with getting the tire off the rim than anything else. Some are easy and some require more finger/hand strength than I have.