Unicycle Maintance

I was just wondering if there was any kind of maintance that should be done to unicycles. I’ve had mine for going on a year and it seems ok, but I don’t know that much, thank you in advance.


just fix whatever breaks. make sure it doesnt rust. simple things. dont go off buildings and you should be fine. nice avitar by the way :wink:

Um… if you have a bad unicycle you might wanna check if your cranks are loose. Mine always come loose, but loctite seemed to fix it right up. And loctite also seemed to be the only solution, I explored a lot more before I bought loctite.

Nip up the crank bolts and check the pedals are in tight every so often. The bearing clamp bolts can also work loose - but for goodness’ sake don’t do them up too tight. Other than that, the best maintenance is to keep riding it as this helps to keep the eccentric nut on the saddle in optimal condition.

I havn’t had any problems with this, but when I do I might need to know a few things:

What happens if you do them up too tight?

How do you know if you’ve done them up too tight?

If you do the bearing holders up too tight it crushes the bearings and damages them.

I generally tighten them up with fingers only, then finish off with a spanner for a 1/2 turn.

Main thing with unicycles is to make sure you never ride with a loose crank.

Does anyone have any good tips for rust prevention/cure?

Curently I wipe my uni down after rides. I also once put vasaline on my seat post to prevent rusting, this I felt was a mistake as it made the seat post clamp less effective

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I have always used this grease stuff my dad says to put on the seat post, or anything else that might get rusty. It’s white and is a toothpaste like tube. I can look up the name if you want. My dad has been riding bikes for years and years. Knows his stuff.

My regular checks are:

check that cranks are tight
check spokes for tension/loose spokes
quick visual check on wheel true

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I was about to do the same thing, but I won’t now that you were first.

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