Unicycle magizine

It is with bitter disappointment that I make my return to the unicycle forums. I have just gotten the fall issue and I find it to be of low quality. It has only served to fortify my already standing opinion that the unicycle magazine has some serious flaws.

  1. the group tests, saddles were good but come on banana cases and seat post clamps? sure banana cases are funny but for $10 I want some good hard material

  2. More interviews

  3. More ride reports, maybe showcase a particular region?

as far as I can see the ride reports of RTL and that written by Aspen Mike covered 23 1/2 pages in total, you must have an insatiable appetite.

Just think how bitterly disappointed we are to find you’re back.

:thinking: I thought this was an excellent magazine, and I’m a fussy batsard!..

Well fill in thier feedback questioinnaire and tell them so then.

I didn’t know there WAS a unicycling magazine. Anyway, I’d be hard pressed to say why it would keep anyone out of here. You can spend a few minutes a day and keep up with all the content here. It’s not like you have 8 hours of reading here, 8 hours per day in a magazine, and just can’t do 'em both.