Unicycle Magazine?

hey hey,

i was just wondering if there was any form of uni magazine goin round that was of good quality, and if i would be able to subscribe to it, coz i live in australia ?

I this thread which includes a post by John Childs linking to the On One Wheel magazine and briefly explains how you would go about subscribing.
This threads contains similar information and deals with people outside the USA as well.
This thread discusses a possible new publication (refer Klaas Bill’s post in the first thread).
Whatever happened to that idea?

thanx heaps, u answered my qstion to the point :slight_smile:

If you speak French our magazine ain’t bad either


If you don’t speak french, just wait a few weeks till comes the english version;). No subscription needed, the whole stuff is for free!
Translation in progress…:stuck_out_tongue:

I see you feature a UniBasketball player in the ‘masthead’ of that page.
Is UniBasketball bigger in France than UniHoki?

much bigger, in both participation and ball size.

With my eyes wide open…

UniHockey is practically non existent in France. During the last cup there was a rather big Basketball tournament spanned over two days, while there was an “introdution to Hockey” workshop during the 6Km Xcountry race. This sums it all up.

http://www.unicyclemagazine.com: “is comming early 2006”

Brilliant. It shows a coverprice for the USA, UK, CA, AU and NZ, but not South Africa, ZA?!?
What are we, chopped liver?

I don’t think Mike has plans to distribute it outside the UK, at least not at first. Maybe worth him commenting in here?


http://www.unicyclemagazine.com is a realy nice foto and looks a good magazin but i would to see that in 2006 !!

i believe there is a post in the articles and tutorials part of this forum where unityler has an e-zine that he created.

Firstly I would like to apologise, Gild, for the glaring omission. The cover prices are there for areas where we already have distribution planned.

Distribution will be worldwide, initially through unicycle retailers, direct sales and the internet.

Further information will follow!

Don’t apologise too heartily else you might end up with every two-bit idiot from every third-world country with 4 unicyclists complaining.

I’ll PM you.