unicycle luggage rack?

Technically, yes. However, most bicycle racks of that sort are designed with bike seatposts in mind. Meaning they have a 15-30 degree angle built in, so on a uni the rack won’t be level with the ground.

yeh i kinda realised that, what i was wondering really was if the uni would be unbalanced…you could probably cut and weld that one to be at the right angle.

I have two, wanna buy one?

Tis true, the angle would be wrong, so it would put the weight higher and back further. I’d be more concerned about being able to counter the excess weight behind your hips.

I think there’s a reason distance unicyclists use a backpack…

I use one of these for my longer back country trips with my 36". It’s the High Tail by Detours


This also mounts to the seat post. It doesn’t carry a ton of stuff but I can fit a lunch, some tools, an inner tube, a pump, etc and and I can strap on some clothing and knee pads. I’d much rather have the weight be on my unicycle than on my shoulders and therefore my butt. I don’t notice any effect on front/back balance. Your body will compensate immediately.
Where I do notice balance issues is when I pivot going through hair pin turns on single track. Having that extra weight poking out back increases my rotational inertia (around the vertical axis). So it takes a little more force to initiate the pivot turn and then the unicycle wants to keep going a bit more. It’s not a big issue, though. I’m really glad I have it. Most of the time I use a smaller version of the above called the Bob Tail, also by detours. They work really well on my 36", although I would imagine if I had a muni they would be too cumbersome.

hmmm, could you have this on the front? or would you just hit ya kees?

Bumping up as I just have equipped my uni with a rack. I used front bike rack mounted on bike fork and brake mounts and a pipe holder.
Some drilling was required to match rack mount to size of holder screw, but it fills quite solid. I don’t plan putting too much on it, but some lighter items may be out of backpack this way.
No rides yet so I hope it will not be in the way of my ankles.





Thats quite a odd build! i love it!

@vookash, nice rack! And it looks like you got 2 beer bottle openers also on it… :wink:

Keep posting, it’s interesting how it feels to ride with it.

Have fun,

I was today riding with empty rack (or just a camera mounted on it) and it was no obstacle to my legs or whatsoever. First packed ride hopefully on Friday so I’ll keep posting.

I Love it!

Any info on that rack? Brand? Where to buy? :slight_smile:

This one is Author ACR-30:

I don’t know how available it is in other places, but here in Poland it was in stock of a few online shops.
Probably some other front one of classic type (not lowrider and mounted on brake mounts) could be fit the similar way. It would be better if it has longer bottom tubes. It should support more if fitted to bottom part of magura mount.
This type could fit in a similar way: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Aluminium-Alloy-front-Rack-Pannier-Fender-Carrier-for-Road-Mountain-Bicycle-Cycling-Bike-OS1192/507943_657566741.html

How much weight you plan on carrying?

This time it turned out that I don’t need to pack that much on the rack so I kept only my sleeping back and a jacket there.


how does that kenda do in the snow??

Wide enough with not so high pressure it performed well on snowy road. But last weekend I took it for snowy offroad and it was not enough especially on uphills.

Here’s another rack that could work well on a uni:

A bit expensive though.

Also a Salsa minimalist rack paired with their rack-lock (32.0mm for a KH frame) could work nicely. I might try that setup soon.

You all make me wonder if I could put one of these: http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product_10053_10052_167593_-1___ on my UDC Titan using a couple clamps and the brake mount.

I have that same rack on mt Coker. It bolted to brake tabs and I used a hoseclamp around the neck. It measures 6in X 9in. Only time I notice is if I put a wide bag on, then my legs touch it, otherwise I love it.

Could you post pics of that? I’m looking for a good setup for my Titan as well and am intrigued.

Sorry about picture quality, got a cheapie camara phone.
The front mounting bike rack has a built in angle to fit on slanted forks, but this works fine on uni brake mounts as seen in picture. Comes out level. The nail bag holds my cable and keeps the load back far enough that my legs don’t touch. I carry a canvas lunch bag and big stainless thermos on it everyday to work. I prefer it to a backpack for going to work. Backpack makes me sweat. Don’t like being all clammy at work.:smiley: