Unicycle literature

Just getting back into uni after a long hiatus, and enjoying the forums - so much time-wasting potential! So now that I am officially fixated, was wondering if folks know of any longer-format reading on the subject of unicycling? History, culture, anecdotes, vernacular… philosophy? I just read a great book (The Most Fun Thing by Kyle Beachy) that looked at skateboarding from a variety of standpoints, including the philosophical, and really enjoyed it. I thought, unicycling deserves such a treatment for being a similarly niche sport with an outsized power and meaning to the folks who participate in it. Then I thought, maybe there already is one? If not, someone here needs to get busy writing it!

Thanks for your thoughts!


Three books that come to mind which look at things from different perspectives (I think I have couple of other ones too which I’d have to dig out). I’ve read the first two of these completely, the third not so much:

  1. The Essential Guide to Mountain Unicycling – Kris Holm.
    This doesn’t seem to be available in hardcopy any more (you can maybe pick up used). It used to be on Kris’s web site as an ebook if I recall correctly.
    (edit: ebook – http://gradientpress.com/ )

  2. Reinventing the Wheel – the Story of unicycle.com – John Drummond
    Reinventing the Wheel: The Story of Unicycle.com: By the Founder of Unicycle.com and Banjo.com: Amazon.co.uk: McLean, Carol Etter: 9781439271872: Books

  3. The Complete Book of Unicycling – Jack Wiley
    The Complete Book of Unicycling: Second Edition: Amazon.co.uk: Wiley, Jack: 9781508837046: Books


Find Current and Historical Publications back to 1973 here:


Erlend Loe- “Ett år på ett hjul, forhandla med verkligheten” (one year on one wheel, negotiating with reality). 2020.

Just learn norwegian and enjoy:).


Thanks, I imagine that’s even harder than learning to unicycle :wink:

Thank you! was not familiar with this organization. Too bad they had to discontinue publishing.

How is the book, have you read it? I see they have his ‘Naive Super’ on Audible, I may give it a listen. I watched him unicycle on You Tube, he has a fine beard :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been looking for the paperback version of Kris Holm’s “The Essential Guide”.
I own the E-book, but I’d love one for the real bookshelf. …Not for 75 USD though!

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It’s here for around 20 USD:

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Yes I have read it several times! He is one of my favourites and I have read all his other novels. They all have a reflective and humerous tone I like. “Naive Super” was his big hit.
The unicycling book is a about approaching it as an adult beginner. How the impossible turns possible and his developing love for the only wheel.
I was expecting a revolutionary demand for unis in Norway/Scandinavia since he is fairly well read. And maybe it has been in Norway? But yet to come in Sweden where I live. A sadly underdeveloped unicycling country.

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