Unicycle liquidation sale.

I have a bunch of stuff that’s simple laying around. I’ve been spending a great deal of time on my new bike, and very little time on the unicycle. I’m still holding onto my Summit for a ride, but I have some items I want to get rid of to free up some space.

Ultimate Wheel - SOLD

GB4 Giraffe - SOLD

Carbon Fiber Seat Frame - SOLD

SWallis carbon fiber front and rear Miyata style handles - Used to fix a broken collarbone

Front and Rear JDM green Miyata handles (the ones that don’t break or rip in half) - SOLD

Nokian Gazz 24x3 tire- minor use - SOLD

Paypal preferred but will accept checks/M.O.

I’ll buy the CF seatbasee!

Please PM with the email to pay through paypal.

I also would like the shwinn seatpost.

Thanks a bunch!


Damn! Beaten to it! Ce la vie.

You snooze, you lose. :slight_smile:

Anyone getting anything from AccordNSX has to promise to give their new acquisition much love. I got a GB4 Coker frame from Adam and it has been getting a lot of loving. Don’t just buy something from Adam because it’s cheap. Get it because you love it. :slight_smile:

Is the Scott Wallis front handle a right hand specific design?

how new is the gazz tire? do u know how many miles left on it there are before i would have to get a new one, and how many miles you can ride a new one before it needs replacing? or is there a better way of measuring how good or used a tire is…


I’m right handed if that counts for anything?
These are molds taken from the original Miyata style handles. They are a bit more open and definately more comfortable.
This set also includes a carbon fiber stiffener! like the ones designed to stop the breaking off the new Miyata seats.

I can get a tire gauge from work and measure the exact depth left on the treads if you’d like? The tire has seen the trail less than a dozen times and was kept off the asphalt almost completely.

Scott’s exact words…

"The prototypes are Miyata shapes with the finger hole opened up similar to what a few people have done by grinding their good, old handles. Also some other subtle reshaping. It makes enough difference that it is comfortable for me, having fairly large hands, but thin fingers. "

Ah, that handle is different than the one I was thinking of. Scott had a handle at the last CA Muni Weekend that was specific for one hand. Quite a nice and comfortable design. I was hoping that was the handle that you had.

I’ll pass on this one.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. That would’ve been sweet.

CF handles

If the CF handles fit the CF seat-base(I have one), I’ll take them! Will also take that tire, if you please.

Re: CF handles

One set of handles is gone.
I still have a rear bumper and the tire if you’re interested.

I guess I’ll hold off.

Taxes are due, and I’m happy with my refund. I’m buying an airseat for my coker, which means I’ll have a spare seat for a GB4 giraffe, which I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. I haven’t ordered the airseat yet, so I still have time to tack on a tire for the ultimate wheel (something I’ve wanted since I first heard about them). Now, everything is offered to me wrapped up in one convenient package.

This isn’t love, this is fate :smiley:

If they’re still available, sign me up for the GB4 and the UW.

Re: Re: CF handles

i hope your not selling the uncured resin rear bumper that broke on Swallis and broke later on me.i dont know about you but when he sent me the carbon fiber replacement for it “free” the note attached said “go ahead and use it till it breaks but dont sell it!”

Re: Re: Re: CF handles

That is what I said. And to clarify, it isn’t Kevlar, it is cast polyurethane with no fiber reinforcement. Those were material test prototypes. After mine broke I replaced the ones “in the wild” with carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforced versions.


The handles weren’t sold, but actually given to a close friend of mine. I’m sure you know who he is jagur since you’ve dealt with him before.