Unicycle Lingo?

Hey everyone! I was just wanted to know of any cool unicycle lingo I should know to impress and annoy my biking friends?

I know the “pogo”, jumping up and down while both feet are on the wheel. I know “wheel walking”. I know “Freemounting” and “Kick up mounting” Any other good ones?

p.s. I’m going to sound like a big newb here, but what is a UPD?

Unexpected Power Dive?
Unexpected Pounce Down?
Unexpected Pogo-ing Downfall?
Unexpected Price Drop? :sunglasses:


In-the-know Unicycle terminology

Dear Canadian person,

U.P.D. means Unicyclists Perform Diligently.

But, seriously.

Some folks think it means “UnPlanned Dismount”, but those of us “In The Know” know that it really means Universal Pantheistic Deity".

Start praying to the One.

Universal AND pantheistic? Whoo! I bet (s)he gets everywhere!

Would (s)he be immanent or transcendent? Jus’ askin’ Where do I sign up?